About the founder...

Trinity was founded by Emerance Murphy Mudingayi, originally from Congo, she was born in Belgium where she qualified in marketing. Having five years of experience , working in the fashion industry alongside the renowned Elle Magazine planning and organizing fashion events, she is currently, based in London working as a personal stylist, brand image coordinator and artistic director.

‘Trinity is the culmination of everything I am passionate about’ – in the word of Murphy, she explains. It was born out of Faith, Fashion and my love for helping people achieve their goals and aspirations. I am a firm believer in women empowerment through design and art, and I am confident that Trinity is the perfect tool to deliver on your vision, whatever it may be.

Inspired by the strong men in her family, and the Congolese culture, male energy is evident throughout her work. 

Offering marketing and branding services for both start-ups and established companies, creating the ultimate digital print which will allow them to not only stand out, but to succeed /prosper/thrive/triumph.

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